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About restaurant
Ресторан Мансарда на Оболонской набережной

"Mansarda" brunch-cafe supports the right of the people to get up later, any day of the week - nourishing and healthy breakfasts are offered throughout the day. In the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening, you can order a traditional Lombard polenta with gorgonzola cheese, a Greek spanakopita with feta and spinach, or oatmeal stewed on chicken broth with parmesan cheese, a slice of bacon and a poached egg. For those who have associated brunch with a later dinner, the proposals are no less exquisite: here is a Scottish rabbit stuffed with a chicken egg on a perlotto pillow, and a Carpathian trout on polenta, and a venison burger. And for the fashionable sweets, "Mansarda" can offer wonderful selection of puff-knitted truffle desserts in glasses, from Piedmontese pannacotta and Sicilian cassata to British lemon Kurd and pudding with chia seeds. Have a breakfast with taste!